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Aaron P. Wood1, Vincenzo G. Nocera2, Tyler J. Kybartas3, Payton N. Benko1, Dawn P. Coe, FACSM1, Scott E. Crouter, FACSM1. 1University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Knoxville, TN. 2Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH. 3Illinois State University, Normal, IL.

BACKGROUND: GoNoodle is an online activity platform that is cost-effective and allows activity participation using a confined space without equipment, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this study was to evaluate metabolic responses, enjoyment, perceived competence, and rating of perceived exertion (RPE) while participating in GoNoodle Indoor Recess activities. METHODS: Twenty-two children (8.6±2.2y; 64% male) completed two trials of Indoor Recess. Oxygen Consumption (VO2; mL·kg-1·min-1) was measured using a portable metabolic system (OxyCon Mobile) during different phases [Warm-Up (WARM), Activity (ACT), and Cool-Down (COOL)] of each trial. Kilocalories expended (Kcal·min-1), youth METs (METy), volume of activity (METy·min-1), and respiratory exchange ratio (RER) were estimated from the measured VO2 and VCO2 during the three phases of each trial. Participants reported their enjoyment (score range 7-35), perceived competence (score range 5-25), and RPE (OMNI scale) after each trial. Five 2X3 (TrialXPhase) repeated measures ANOVAs were run to examine differences in metabolic responses between trials, among phases of each trial, and interactions. Paired samples t-tests were used to examine differences in enjoyment, competence, and RPE between trials. RESULTS: Compared to WARM and COOL, the ACT phase resulted in significantly higher VO2 [13.9±4.3(WARM); 17.4±4.0(ACT); 12.1±2.8(COOL)], Kcal·min-1 [2.2±0.8(WARM); 3.0±1.4(ACT); 2.0±0.8(COOL)], METy [2.7±0.8(WARM); 3.5±1.1(ACT); 2.4±0.6(COOL)], and METy·min-1 [8.4±3.0(WARM); 25.9±9.6(ACT); 7.2±2.0(COOL)] (all, p<0.001). RER was significantly higher during COOL (0.89±0.15; p=0.03) compared to WARM (0.84±0.18) but not different from ACT (0.87±0.15). The overall intensity was considered moderate based on METy values (3.0±0.9 METy). WARM (2.7±0.8 METy) and COOL (2.4±0.7 METy) were classified as light intensity and ACT was moderate (3.4±1.1 METy). The average enjoyment (29.4±4.6) and perceived competence (20.8±4.3) scores were high for both trials and perceived competence improved from Trial 1(19.9±5.0) to Trial 2 (21.7±3.7; p<0.05). RPE was not different between trials (Trial 1 3.4±3.4 vs. Trial 2 5.0±4.1; p=0.234). CONCLUSIONS: These findings indicate that the Indoor Recess series of GoNoodle is a feasible means for children to accumulate physical activity in environments with limited space and resources during the pandemic.

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