John Kennington, Jarrod Kennington, Cole Anderton, Gene Hurst, Rebecca R. Rogers, Christopher G. Ballmann, FACSM, Tyler D. Williams. Samford, Birmingham, AL.

BACKGROUND: Post-activation potentiation enhancement (PAPE) strategies are used to improve acute sprint performance. While PAPE techniques have conflicting evidence, accentuated eccentric overload (AEO) is a strategy that allows for a supramaximal eccentric load which may potentiate subsequent performance. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Bulgarian split squat (BSS) with and without AEO on 10-yd sprint performance. METHODS: Eight resistance-trained, college-aged males were recruited for this study. In a crossover, counterbalanced study design, participants completed 3 testing sessions. During the first test session, participants completed a BSS one-repetition maximum (1RM) assessment for the dominant and non-dominant leg. For the second and third session, participants completed two baseline 10-yd sprints with 2 minutes of rest between. Next, participants performed a PAPE exercise. During the BSS trial, participants completed 2 repetitions each leg at 80% 1RM. In the AEO trial, participants completed 2 repetitions each leg where the eccentric load was 120% 1RM and the concentric load was 80% 1RM. Participants completed a 10-yd sprint at 1-, 4-, 7-, and 10-minutes post-PAPE exercise. Timing gates were used to measure 10-yd sprint times and a repeated measures ANOVA compared sprint performance between conditions and recovery times. RESULTS: There was no interaction or main effect for condition (p>0.05). There was a main effect for time (p< 0.001). Sprint performance was significantly faster at 10-min compared to baseline (p=0.049), 4-min (p=0.011), and 7-min (p=0.020) post-PAPE. Additionally, 7-min was significantly faster than 4-min (p=0.024). CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study suggest that performing a unilateral PAPE exercise with 10 minutes of rest may improve 10-yd sprint performance in resistance-trained individuals. Furthermore, the addition of AEO to the unilateral exercise resulted in no additional benefit to subsequent sprint performance.

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