BACKGROUND: Grip dynamometry is a reliable and efficient measure of maximal voluntary grip strength. The Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer (Jamar) is the reference standard for handheld dynamometry but has limitations in design such as the analogue display. The Takei Hand Grip Dynamometer (Takei) is comparable in cost and features digital output. This double-blinded cross-sectional study aimed to examine the reliability and validity of the Takei compared to the Jamar in healthy adults. METHODS: Thirty adults (age=28.2±5.1 years, male=53%) participated in two sessions 1-3 days apart with 3 trials of maximal grip force production for each hand and device. Test-retest reliability (TRR) for both devices was assessed comparing the mean of the trials per hand over the two sessions using intraclass correlation (ICC3,k). Minimal detectable change at 95% CI (MDC95) and standard error of measurement (SEM) were calculated. Concurrent validity was examined with the 2nd session averages using Pearson’s correlation. Bland-Altman plots and linear regression assessed proportional bias between the devices. RESULTS: TRR of the Takei was excellent for the dominant hand (DH) (ICC3,k =0.979; SEM=1.34kg; MDC95=3.73kg) and nondominant hand (NDH) (ICC3,k=0.998; SEM=0.43kg; MDC95=1.19kg). TRR of the Jamar was excellent for the DH (ICC3,k = 0.971; SEM = 1.69kg; MDC95 = 4.68kg) and NDH (ICC3,k = 0.974; SEM = 1.79kg; MDC95 = 4.96kg). Correlations between the dynamometers were significant for DH (r=0.999; P<0.001) and NDH (r=0.999; P<0.001). Bland-Altman plots showed agreement for DH (mean difference: -0.052 kg; limits of agreement: 0.72 to -0.83kg) but showed slight increasing variability with increasing force production for NDH (mean difference: -0.837kg; limits of agreement: 0.16 to -1.84kg). Linear regression revealed proportional bias for NDH (p<0.001) but not for DH (p>0.05). CONCLUSIONS: The Takei can accurately measure hand grip strength compared to the Jamar in young, healthy adults. The concurrent validity and linear regression results indicate interchangeability between the dynamometers only for the DH. The ability of the Takei to accurately measure grip strength in this population may allow rehabilitation professionals, athletic coaches, and athletic trainers an affordable digital tool to measure DH grip strength to gain information concerning athletic performance, injury prevention, and general strength.

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