BACKGROUND: Bingocize® is a strategic combination of physical exercise and the game of bingo specifically designed for the older population. Bingocize® has also been used as a tool in health science undergraduate programs to create meaningful fieldwork experiences that prepare students to become the well-prepared staff needed for the future care of older people. The purpose of this study was to analyze undergraduate students’ attitudes towards the older population after completing a Bingocize® fieldwork experience. METHODS: A retrospective post-course survey was administered to 20 students who completed a field experience course focused on delivering the Bingocize® exercise intervention to the older population. The survey assessed students' perceptions of working with the older population, both before and after the course, using single-time measurement. RESULTS: Data were analyzed using frequency distribution to describe shifts in students' perceptions. Prior to the course, a notable 76.4% of the participants were either uninterested in or unsure about working with the older population. After the course, a significant change was observed, with 70.6% of students stating they would now enjoy such work. Regarding their initial reluctance for the field placement, 58.8% of students were hesitant to participate. However, post-course responses illustrated a positive shift; 76.5% of students rated their field experience as positive or very positive. CONCLUSIONS: Although numerous exercise science careers involve working with older people, many undergraduate students were initially uninterested in working with this population. However in this study, students enjoyed participating in Bingocize® despite having these negative feelings beforehand. Therefore, having students directly involved in established programs like Bingocize® and providing organized training for them can create more positivity and excitement towards careers involving working with older people. Using the results of this study as a pilot, future research should look at the effect of student experiences with Bingocize® on the perception of the older population by collecting survey data before and after participating in the program. Funding information: United States Center for Medicare Services Civil Money Penalty Grant

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