BACKGROUND: Previous research has examined drop-jump variables with sprint performance, typically within a sprinting athletic population. The purpose of this analyses was to examine correlation between drop-jump reactive strength index (RSI) and 20-meter sprint performance in Division I softball athletes (n=23). METHODS: Two drop jumps and 20-meter sprints were performed weekly. Two drop jumps were performed from a 15-inch box onto the VALD ForceDeck and two 20 m sprint times were recorded using Brower Laser timers. The best of the two efforts for both were used for analysis. A simple correlation was performed with Cook’s D examining potential outliers. Weekly there was a common outlier from one athlete that contradicts previous research in other athletic populations. Simple linear regression correlations were performed utilizing R-studio for statistical analyses of overall and weekly. RESULTS: Overall team analysis (n = 150) showed a moderate correlation between RSI and 20m sprint time (r = 0.-53, p<0.001) with a weekly range of -0.48-0.82. When removing the individual outlier (n=143) in the linear regression, there was a slight increase the strength of correlation (r = -0.61, p<0.001) with a range of -0.56 -0.81. Similarly for peak power relative to bodyweight with all data points, there was a moderate correlation overall with weekly analysis correlation ranging from -0.56-0.81 and overall correlation r = - 0.57 (p<0.001). The last variable investigated was concentric mean power relative to bodyweight, which also showed a weekly moderate correlation ranging from -0.48-0.81 and overall moderate correlation with 20m sprint time (r = -0.50). There was a moderate correlation between RSI and the 20m sprint time (r =- 0.64, p<0.001), a strong correlation peak power relative to body weight and sprint time (r = -072, p<0.001) and a moderate correlation between concentric mean power relative to bodyweight and sprint time (r = -0.62, p = 0.001).CONCLUSIONS: There is evidence to suggest drop jump performance moderately correlates with 20 m sprint time in softball athletes. Future research should examine if an increase in drop jump performance coincides with improvements in 20m sprint time.

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