BACKGROUND: A primary goal of pre-workout nutrition and supplementation is to optimize fueling and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity. While mixed evidence exists, caffeine and sports supplements marketed as ‘pre-workouts’ purportedly increase the SNS drive and therefore performance of the athlete. Prior research has demonstrated the significant fueling and potential buffering effects of exogenous ketone supplements (KET). The purpose of this study is to determine the effect, if any, of a multi-ingredient PRE and KET supplement on peak and mean power output. METHODS: A single-blind randomized crossover design will be used with one baseline session and three additional testing days. We plan to recruit 25 biological male and female participants weighing 60-100 kg who train 3 or more days per week. Participants will consume a 5 mg/kg dose of caffeine on one testing day. The non-stimulant pre-workout and exogenous ketone doses will be standardized to 10 and 20 grams respectively. After measuring height and weight, a thirty-minute dose attenuation period will be followed. Then, participants will be asked to perform two max-effort vertical jump tests on an electronic vertical jump platform. Following a brief rest, participants will then complete a four-rep consecutive vertical jump test. After a two-minute rest period, participants will complete a 5x10s Wingate cycle test against a resistance equal to 7.5% of their body weight. Capillary blood sampling will be performed via finger stick with an automated lancing device to measure glucose, ketone, and lactate concentrations. Samples will be collected upon arrival, after dose attenuation, and at each rest interval throughout exercise. Heart rate will be recorded using a Polar H10 HR monitor continuously during the entirety of the testing session. Blood pressure will be recorded upon arrival, thirty minutes after dosing, after the third cycling trial, and during cooldown to ensure safety. Results will be analyzed for normalcy and assessed using repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine significant differences in performance. Post-hoc analysis will be completed if any significant main effects or interactions are observed. ANTICIPATED RESULTS: It is hypothesized that the caffeine and ketone supplementation group will maintain both greater peak and mean power throughout exercise.

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