BACKGROUND: A previous research study examined the effects of lower body aerobic and anaerobic exercise performed on a Wingate bike on upper body muscular performance performed by modified pullup. This study included seventeen physically active participants (13 men, 4 women). Participants performed significantly lower in modified pullups after a prior anaerobic exercise trial compared to an aerobic trial matched on total work. Men on average did 2 fewer pullups after anaerobic lower body exercise compared to aerobic exercise. Women did 6 fewer pull ups under the same conditions. Given the low number of women who participated, we propose to examine sex differences on the effect of a lower body exercise on upper body performance. METHODS: We will recruit 15 men and 15 women ages 18 to 25 who are in good health and able to perform exercise to participate in the study. The study will be performed in one trial that is counterbalanced based on the order of exercises. Following a 5 min low intensity aerobic warm up, half the participants will complete as many Australian modified pullups as possible using a metronome to standardize movement time (60 bps). They will recover for 5 min and then complete the lower body exercise performing as many body weight squats as possible in 30 seconds. Participants will be instructed to squat to a depth where the knee is flexed to 90 degrees as many times as possible. Range of motion will be confirmed in real time using an electric goniometer (Etrak, Birmingham, AL) and total number of repetitions will be recorded. Immediately following the 30 seconds of lower body activity, participants will complete as many Australian modified pull-ups as possible with the metronome cadence. A target will be hung from the bar that results in the participant achieving 90 degrees flexion of the elbow when they touch the sternum to the target. Valid repetitions will be successfully reaching the target. Failure will be defined as inability to reach the target for two attempts in a row. Half the participants will perform the lower body exercise first followed by the modified pullups, recover for 5 min and repeat the modified pullups without previous lower body exercise immediately preceding the pullup. ANTICIPATED RESULTS: It is hypothesized that men will better maintain upper body muscular endurance after a lower body work compared to women.

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