BACKGROUND: Studies have examined the effects of ingested capsaicin supplements on various types of exercise showing increased power output in anaerobic sprints. However, studies report side effects with the consumption of these supplements, particularly gastrointestinal tract (GI) issues. To avoid GI issues, a mouthrinse has been used with mixed results in influencing exercise performance. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of a capsaicin mouthrinse on bench press velocity and endurance. We hypothesize a capsaicin mouthrinse will improve muscular endurance without associated GI issues. METHODS: The study will use a 3 visit counterbalanced design to investigate the effects barbell of the capsaicin mouthrinse on bench press velocity and number of repetitions during repeated repetitions to failure. Men 18 years and older with previous resistance training experience will be recruited to participate in three visits. All participants provide written informed consent of the protocol approved by the Samford University IRB. The first visit assesses 1RM and familiarization with the velocity trial. The second and third visit will consist of either a capsaicin mouthrinse or placebo. Trials will be separated by a 3-day washout period. For visit two and three, participants will complete a warm-up consisting of 5 repetitions at 40% 1RM and 3 repetitions at 60% 1RM with each set separated by a 2-min rest period. Participants will then be supplemented with 20 ml of either 0.06% capsaicin mouthwash (Pure Cap) or water placebo for 30 secs before spitting out the solution then immediately beginning the exercise trial. The exercise trial will consist of a 1 set x 2 reps of bench press at 75% 1RM with maximum explosive intent. A linear position transducer (Gymaware, Kinetitech Performance Technology, Australia) is attached to the barbell to assess concentric velocity (m/sec). Mean velocity will be averaged across the 2 reps. Following a 5-min rest period, participants will then complete 3 sets of reps to failure (RTF) of bench press exercises at 75% of 1RM. Each set of RTF will be separated by 2 mins of rest. Reps for each set and total reps will be recorded. All data will be analyzed using Jamovi software (Version 0.9; Sydney, Australia). Significance will be set at α = 0.05. ANTICIPATED FINDINGS: It is hypothesized that peak velocity will not be affected, but that total repetitions to failure will increase during the capsaicin mouthrinse trial.

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