Stephen F. Austin State University - Course-Embedded Undergraduate Research Experience Showcase

Oral Presentations


The Effects of Liftng Belts on Power Output
Julio Aguilar, Benjamin Coldwell, Patrick Jackson, Cade Pippen, and Zane Thornton


Bilateral vs. Unilateral Vertical Jump
Ellen Ayers and Alexia Patrick


Static vs Dynamic Stretching During a Back Squat
Jessie Clinkinbeard, Mikinzi Cantrell, and Allyson Vokes


The Effect of Fatigue on a Static Lunge
Riley Sherrod, Khalie Duncan, Jaxon Willson, and Tate Skaggs


En Cloche: Pre and Post Stretching
Avery Jackson, Grace Montes, Rian Owens, and Jenna Villanueva