Fatigue and its Effects on Squat Depth



Laboratory Name; Department of Kinesiology & Health Science ; Stephen F. Austin State University; Nacogdoches, TX

Category: Undergraduate

Advisor / Mentor: Chelette, Amber ( amber.chellete@sfasu.edu)


Studies about fatigue have been done for many years, the effects that fatigue have very but they share the same primary discovery. As time and repetitions prolong in an exercise so does fatigue, with fatigue increasing the mind begins to stray and this causes form and angles to suffer. The purpose and intent of this study was to see and document the effects that fatigue has on squat form and angles. During the process for this study we required 6 subjects in total. 3 men and 3 women of adequate levels of fitness were used in this study, their ages ranged from 18-23. The subjects of this study began with a simple set of exercises and stretching that included: static butterfly stretching, sumo squats, and hip 90’s. Secondly the subjects began jogging in place for 20 seconds and finished up the warmup with 3 squat jumps in place. The subjects were then given two minutes of rest before the started the study. Subjects were then shown proper form of a squat and instructed to do as many body weight squats that they could before they failed at achieving 90 degrees on the squat depth. Once the subjects depth was affected the testers recorded the data and the angle on which the subject failed with an app called OnForm. Our hypothesis at the beginning of the experiment was that squat depth will be negatively impacted by fatigue and the constant increase of repetitions due to body squat. Our hypothesis was proven correct in our data, with an average failed squat depth of 146.666667 and an average of 50.6666667 repetitions before failure. In conclusion our hypothesis was proven correct, limitations throughout this study were our small sample size and technology. If research is to continue on this topic then we believe that it will support our data and our hypothesis.

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