Short-Term Changes in LDL Density and Lipoprotein Particle Number in Trained Men After 3 Different Modes of Exercise Jonathan M. Oliver, Steven E. Martin, Shawn P. Glowacki, Wade Womack, John S. Green, FACSM, and Stephen F. Crouse, FACSM, Texas A&M University, TX 77843, (Sponsor: S. F. Crouse) PURPOSE: To determine the short-term changes in LDL density and lipoprotein particle number after three different modes of exercise in trained men. METHODS: Twenty seven subjects were randomly assigned to complete either (resistance [RE], endurance [EE], or combination resistance/endurance [CE]) exercise. Fasting blood samples were obtained 24 h before (baseline) and 24 h after exercise. The average group characteristics were as follows: [RE: n = 9, age = 22 + 1 yr, weight = 75.7 ± 4 kg, %fat = 14 + 1, V.O2peak = 3.43 + 0.1 L/min], [EE: n = 9, age = 23 + 1 yr, weight = 87.7 ± 4 kg, %fat = 17 + 3, V.O2peak = 4.0 + 0.10 L/min], [CE: n = 9, age = 22 + 1 yr, weight = 99.7 + 5 kg, %fat = 21 + 3, V.O2peak = 3.94 + 0.10 L/min]. RESULTS: of a 3 (GROUP) x 2 (TIME) ANOVA (repeated for TIME) for all dependent variables were as follows: No significant GROUP x TIME interactions were determined for any of the plasma volume adjusted dependent variables. A GROUP main effect was observed for LDL density. LDL density was significantly higher in both RE and EE groups compared to the CE group. A TIME main effect was observed for LDL density and the number of LDL3 and LDL4 particles. Significant increases in LDL density (1.0314 g/cm2 to 1.0316 g/cm2), and the number of LDL3 (7.8%), and LDL4 (7.1%) particles occurred 24 h after exercise compared to baseline values. CONCLUSION: These data show that regardless of exercise group, LDL density and the number of LDL3 and LDL4 particles were significantly elevated 24 h after a single exercise session in trained men.



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