There are many smartphone apps that measure distance and speed of cycling, however, there is no research on the accuracy of this cycling apps. PURPOSE: To determine the accuracy of Fitbit Surge and two smartphone applications at measuring distance and speed while cycling outside. METHODS: Thirteen college-aged students (Mean±SD; BMI: 25.2±3.0kg/m2; 10 males, 3 females) consented to participate in one measurement session. A 0.75 mile route along a sidewalk around the university campus was used for 3 separate trials using a mountain bike. A Fitbit (FB) along with an Android smartphone running Google-Fit (G-Fit) and S-Health (SH) were provided to each participant. The first lap consisted of walking 0.25 miles, cycling 0.15 miles at a slow speed, cycling 0.20 miles at a fast speed, and cycling 0.15 miles at a moderate speed. The second lap consisted of cycling one lap at a moderate speed. The third lap consisted of cycling one lap at a slow speed. After every lap a researcher recorded the data from the phone and the Fitbit. Mean bias and mean absolute percent error (MAPE) were calculated to describe speeds and distances recorded on each device compared to the cycle computer. RESULTS: Eleven participants were included in the analysis due to a malfunction of the smartphone for two participants. Results are reported in the following order for each variable: (Fitbit Mean Bias±SD) (Google-Fit Mean Bias±SD) (S-Health Mean Bias±SD).

Trial 1. Distance (miles) (0.02±0.01) (0.03±0.06) (0.02±0.01) Average Speed (mph) (0.41±0.27) (0.93±0.6) (0.63±0.4) Max Speed (mph) (0.83±0.53) (4.17±0.6) (1.65±1.36)

Trial 2. Distance (miles) (0.02±0.02) (0.02±0.06) (0.02±0.02) Average Speed (mph) (0.45±0.2) (1.31±0.82) (0.53±1.36) Max Speed (mph) (5.98±1.19) (4.43±1.0) (0.44±2.03)

Trial 3. Distance (miles) (0.02±0.01) (0.02±0.04) (0.04±0.04) Average Speed (mph) (0.29±0.26) (0.43±0.32) (-1.37±2.07) Max Speed (mph) (1.51±0.57) (6.59±2.14) (1.44±0.59)

CONCLUSION: The Fitbit Surge was most accurate at measuring speed and distance for cycling, followed by the S-Health app and lastly the Google-Fit app.



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