Women with hypothyroidism report undesirable skeletal muscle symptoms at rest and during exercise. The severity of skeletal muscle symptoms may influence an individual’s willingness and capacity to exercise. PURPOSE: This study aimed to determine the relationship between exercise and skeletal muscle symptoms at rest and during exercise in women with hypothyroidism. METHODS: An online survey was completed by female participants diagnosed with hypothyroidism currently undergoing prescribed thyroid hormone treatment (n=580). Participants responded to questions related to basal muscle symptoms (MS), and muscle pain (MP) and fatigue (MF) experienced during exercise. Participants reported the type of exercise they performed, including: no exercise (NE), cardiovascular/aerobic (CV), resistance training (RT), or cardiovascular and resistance training (CVRT). Frequency of exercise and recovery time from exercise were also reported. RESULTS: Participants performing CVRT reported significantly lower MS at rest compared to CV (PCONCLUSION: Results from this study indicate performing CVRT may improve skeletal muscle symptoms in women with hypothyroidism.



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