Carbohydrate (CHO) ingestion is an established strategy to improve endurance performance. Race fuels should not only sustain performance, but also be readily digested and absorbed and replenish electrolytes. Potatoes are a cost-effective option that fulfills these criteria; however, their impact on endurance performance remains unexamined. PURPOSE: Compare the effects of potato purée (POT) ingestion during endurance cycling on subsequent performance versus commercial CHO gel (GEL) or a control (water, CTL). METHODS: Twelve trained cyclists (31±9y; 71±8kg; VO2max: 61±9mL/kg/min) consumed a standardized breakfast then performed a 2h cycling challenge (60-85%VO2max) followed by a time trial (6kJ/kg body mass) while consuming POT, GEL, or CTL in a randomized-crossover design. POT, GEL and CTL were administered with U-[13C6]glucose for an indirect estimate of gastric emptying rate. Repeated blood samples were collected. RESULTS: Time trial performance significantly improved (P=0.03) with POT (33.0±4.5min) and GEL (33.0±4.2min) versus CTL condition (39.5±7.9min); while POT and GEL conditions (P=1.00) had no difference. Post-challenge, blood glucose concentrations were lower (P0.05). CONCLUSION: Potatoes served as a viable alternative to commercial gels by sustaining performance and blood glucose concentrations during endurance cycling events in trained cyclists.



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