PURPOSE: A significant public health problem is the increased quantity of time spent sedentary. Although promotoras, Spanish for community health workers, are being utilized to promote health behaviors along the South Texas-Mexico Rio Grande Valley (RGV) border region, Latinas are among the most physically inactive and obese segment of the US population. The purpose of this study was to identify the current lifestyle behaviors impact on body composition and physical functioning. METHODS: We conducted an analysis of the recorded body position (sitting, standing and recumbent) from an accelerometer versus the percentage of body fat and the estimated cardiorespiratory function recorded from the Jurca non-exercise test on 17 promotoras. Anthropometric measures included: body fatness and body composition. Participants wore an accelerometer for one week. Descriptive statistics were performed on all variables. RESULTS: Our participants averaged 40.0 ± 7.1% body fat. Cardiorespiratory capacity was 26.0 ± 9.1 VO2/kg/min. The accelerometer recorded 59% in sitting activity. A correlation of sitting and standing versus % body fat was performed with results as (p=.668) and (p=.773) respectively. A correlation of the data for sitting and standing versus estimated cardiorespiratory function was performed with results as (p=.672) and (p=.689) respectively. A correlation was performed on recumbent position versus the performance of a 2 min step test resulting in (p=.701). CONCLUSION: By understanding promotoras physical activity, an idea of the lifestyle of this population can be obtained and improved. To diminish sedentary behavior, the most rudimentary method would be to decrease sitting and laying down.



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