Grit has been positively associated with feelings of energy (when measured as the opposite end of fatigue). During the COVID-19 pandemic, grit has been inter-related with positive health-related behaviors, which are known to influence feelings of energy and fatigue. PURPOSE: To identify the association between grit, health-related behaviors and feelings of mental and physical energy (ME, PE) and fatigue (MF, PF) during the COVID-19 health crisis. METHODS: Using snowball sampling method during the early stages of the pandemic, participants (n=859) completed validated online surveys regarding physical activity (PA), diet, time sitting, grit, and feelings of ME, MF, PE and PF. Using a series of multi-variate regression models, we assessed the association between grit, health-related lifestyle, and the moods of ME, MF, PE and PF.

RESULTS: Approximately, 31% of participants reported testing positive for COVID-19. In our models that accounted for all factors, only vigorous PA (βPE=.229, p<.001; βPF=-.102, p<.01;βME=.091, p<.05 ;βMF=-.097, p<.05), time sitting (βPE=-.183, p<.001; βPF=.164, p<.001; βME=-.139, p<.001; βMF=.193, p<.001), and diet habits (βPE=.173, p<.001; βPF=-.182, p<.001; βME=.118, p<.001; βMF=-.133, p<.001) were associated with the four moods, while grit and all COVID-associated factors (e.g., COVID-19 diagnosis, 7-day inflection rates) measured in this study were not (p>.05). CONCLUSION: This study is innovative as it examines the aforementioned relationships in the context of a pandemic. Our findings underscore the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle behavior (i.e., performing vigorous PA, sitting less, eating a high-quality diet) to improve feelings of energy and fatigue in the face of high-stress situations, such as a global pandemic. Unlike previous literature, our results indicate that grit is not associated with feelings of energy and fatigue during at least the early stages of the COVID-19 health crisis.



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