Acne mechanica is a form of acne due to irritation to the skin being pressured, occluded, rubbed, squeezed, stretched, or heated. Mental stress might also contribute to the formation of acne mechanica. PURPOSE: Observe the effect of different sports, gear, and overall stress on the formation of the dermatological condition acne mechanica. METHODS: Fifty-nine Southwestern University student athletes participated in submitting pictures of their face and back for acne quantification over the course of 10 weeks during their athletic season. Stress was determined by their rated level of stress for that given week. Data was analyzed using two separate two-way factorial ANOVAs, an independent samples T-test, and Cohen’s d to determine effect size. RESULTS: There was a significant difference between stress level and average facial acne. No differences were found between acne from those with loose or tight clothing due to stress. There was no significant interaction between sport and stress level. DISCUSSION: Collegiate student athletes under higher stress had more facial acne, however in this study, acne levels in those with tight or loose gear were similar.



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