Sexual function and satisfaction are good indicators of overall life satisfaction and important elements of successful aging. Currently, it is not clear if maintaining habitual exercise into later life would yield the benefits of maintaining sexual activity and satisfaction. PURPOSE: To evaluate the relationship between sustained participation in competitive exercise and its effects on sexual function, behavior, and satisfaction. METHODS: A total of 166 masters athletes (97 men; 57±13 years) who had been training 45.6±15.9 years in various sports disciplines including swimming, cycling, and running completed a comprehensive questionnaire. On average, the participants were involved in aerobic and resistance trainings 5 times and 2 times per week, respectively. The data of the questionnaire response were compared with the existing survey data on the general population. RESULTS: Almost 80% of the athletes reported very good or excellent overall health status, and ~75% were married. The presence of impotence emerged in the 50s and increased thereafter with aging. More than 80% of the athletes had a sexual desire at least once a week with a large discrepancy between genders (CONCLUSION: Masters athletes demonstrate high sexual function and satisfaction to later ages.



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