Mental toughness (MT) has been positively associated with academic/physical performance and mental health (MH). Adventure sports studies involve exposure to exploratory and risk-taking activities aiming to facilitate positive psychological outcomes. Although such programs are frequently promoted for this purpose, there is a lack of empirical evidence concerning the effects of such a curriculum on the levels of MT/MH in undergraduate students. PURPOSE: To examine the effect of an adventure-sport curriculum on the levels of MT/MH of first-year (FY), and non-FY (NFY) undergraduate students of an expeditionary (EXP) studies program and compare it to FY students of another program (FWL). METHODS: In total, 53 students agreed to participate (NFWL = 28; NEXPfy= 14; NEXPnfy = 11). The Mental Toughness Index and the Mental Health Continuum – Short Form were used for data collection and were administered four times. The analysis consisted of two-way ANOVA with repeated measures and regression analysis in IBM SPSS Statistics. RESULTS: In general, MT and MH were positively correlated: r(184) = .369, p < .001. Simple main effects analysis showed that MH was significantly different between groups (p = .027). There were significant differences in MH between MT levels (p < .001).CONCLUSION: Following the suggestion of Moscati et al. (2019), we recruited students of unrelated courses, as well. However, evidence was not found to support that adventure-sport curricula facilitate positive psychological outcomes. MT was the strongest predictor for MH when compared to major and class rank. Concerning MH initiatives for undergraduate students, practical implications include a recommendation of possibly focusing on MT interventions instead of curricula and/or class rank. Possible limitations include small sample size and convenience sample.



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