Pre-competition dynamic warm up participation has exemplified significant improvements in sport performance and decreased risk of injury for high velocity, high impact sports. Rodeo is recognized as a high velocity/intensity sports with great risk of impact and non-impact related injuries. However, no research has investigated the effect of pre-competition warm up utilization of the performance of rodeo athletes. PURPOSE: Therefore, the purpose of the current research examination was to evaluate the efficacy of per-competition dynamic warm up participation for rodeo athletes. METHODS: Seven collegiate rodeo females, competing as Breakaway Ropers, were selected at participants for the current investigation. Two groups were established: The control group completed their spring rodeo season competitions without the use of a pre-competition warm up. The experimental group was provided a dynamic warm up, which aligned with the National Strength and Conditioning Association RAMP Warm Up Protocol, and were instructed to complete the warm up prior to all spring season rodeo competitions. Catch Percentage (CP) and Average Score (AS) served as rodeo performance outcomes, were collected from the Official Southwest Region Rodeo Results Score Sheet. RESULTS: Results from a one-way ANOVA indicated no significant difference between control and experimental groups’ rodeo performance. However, a moderate effect size was recognized for both CP (F(2, 4) = 3.372, p = .126, partial η2 = .403) and AS (F(2, 4) = 2.944, p = .126, partial η2 = .371). Experimental group produced moderately higher mean CP (.58 ± .29) and lower mean AS (3.6 ± .51) than control group (CP .31 ± .13; AS 8.39 ± 4.40). CONCLUSION: These results suggest Breakaway Roping performance outcomes may be positively affected by integrating a per-competition warm up routine. Similar to the efficacy of warm up utilization for other sports, a dynamic warm up used prior to rodeo competition may dramatically improve rodeo athletic performance.



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