Basketball is a fast, explosive sport where a high vertical jump (VJ) is extremely beneficial. Research has shown that greater amounts of lean mass have been associated with higher force output, and therefore higher VJ. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to examine the correlation of overall total lean body mass percentage (TBLM%) and lower body lean mass percentage (LBLM%) and Body fat percentage (BF%) with VJ in previously untrained collegiate D-III women basketball players. METHODS: Fourteen females (20±1.3 years, 170.68±8.76 cm, T1 BF% 28.68±5.38, T2 27.11±5.12) basketball team participated in this study. Athletes were tested on two different occasions (T1 and T2). Dual-X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) body composition scan and standard VJ assessment was performed using a Vertec to determine maximum jump height prior to (T1) and following (T2) 8 weeks of an undulating periodization resistance training program 5 days/week). DXA were further analyzed to determine total body lean mass % (TBLM%) and lower-body lean mass % (LBLM%). Data was analyzed using SPSS using paired samples T-test to detect differences (p



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