PURPOSE: To examine the effects of combined aquatic treadmill training (ATM) and resistance training (RT) on body composition (Bcomp), strength, and VO2max following 12 wks of training compared to RT alone. METHODS: 5 healthy, sedentary men (32.6yr ±11, 187.5 cm ±4.9, 107.9 kg ±19.5) and 6 women (34.2 yrs ±14.3, 166.6 cm ±8.4, 78.6 kg ±19.69) were recruited and screened to assess VO2max (GXT), Bcomp (DEXA), and strength. During strength assessment, 1RMs were assessed in this order: leg press, chest press, leg curl, lat pull, leg ext, triceps push-down, biceps curl. Subjects were then randomized into 2 groups. Both groups (R = resistance training, CT = concurrent training) performed progressive RT for 12 wks (2/wk, 3 x 8-12 @ 60%1RM, ~1.5min rest int.). Following wk 6, 1RMs were reassessed and intensity was increased for wks 7-12 (3 x 4-8, beginning @ 75%1RM). Concurrently, the CT group performed 12 wks of progressive ATM (60→85%VO2max). VO2max was reassessed following wk 6. ATM occurred immediately following RT sessions and in isolation on a 3rd day during the wk. After training, baseline tests were again performed. A 2x3 factorial ANOVA w/ repeated measures for group (2) by time (3) was used to examine absolute and relative changes in body composition, strength, and VO2max.



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