Effects of a Single Bout of Exercise on Lipoprotein Fractions in Hypercholesterolemic Women

Allen Sexton, Kavya Chelikani, and Yunsuk Koh

Department of Health and Kinesiology, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX 77710

Classification of First Author: Master’s

Background: Abnormal lipoprotein profiles are strongly associated with premature cardiovascular disease. Sedentary lifestyle and menopause may accelerate abnormal lipid and lipoprotein metabolism in women. A single bout of aerobic exercise at moderate intensity may positively alter serum lipoprotein fractions in postmenopausal women with high cholesterol levels.

Objectives: The current study investigated how a single bout of exercise affects lipoprotein fractions in sedentary, postmenopausal women with hypercholesterolemia.

Methods: Thirteen (N=13) sedentary, hypercholesterolemic (defined as total cholesterol > 200 mg/dl; average TC = 241.7 ± 5.8 mg/dl) postmenopausal women (age = 57.4 ± 2.0 years) randomly performed both exercise and rest trials. For the exercise trial, participants performed a single bout of exercise at 60% of heart rate reserve on a treadmill until 400 kcal were expended. Serum samples were collected at pre (0), 24, and 48 hours following each trial to analyze the lipoprotein fractions (α, pre-β, and β) using electrophoresis. A 2 (trial: rest and exercise) x 3 (time: 0, 24, and 48 hours) repeated ANOVA was employed to determine the significant changes in serum lipoprotein fractions. The p value < .05 was considered to be statistically significant.

Results: The α-lipoprotein fraction in the exercise trial was significantly higher than the rest trial (35.7 vs. 34.9%, p=.006), while the β-lipoprotein fraction in the exercise trial was significantly lower than the rest trial (56.8 vs. 57.6%, p=.001). Additionally, the β-lipoprotein fraction at 24 hours (56.3%) was significantly lower (p=.008) than 0 (57.8%) or 48 hours (57.5%). The pre-β fraction remained unchanged.

Conclusion: A single bout of moderate intensity aerobic exercise can favorably alter serum α- and β- lipoprotein fractions in postmenopausal women with hypercholesterolemia.



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