Background A 22-year old collegiate acrobatics and tumbling female athlete underwent a SLAP repair surgery on her right shoulder and received physical therapy for ten months before reproduction of similar symptoms developed. Differential Diagnosis Rotator cuff tear, bicipital tendonitis, shoulder impingement syndrome, multidirectional instability. Treatment The patient underwent two separate surgeries that were 10 months apart. First surgery was a repair of the anterior labrum and clean-up of the rotator cuff and bicep tendon due to fraying. Patient then was completing surgery when pain and sensations arose. A non-surgical approach was taken with three injections in the bicep tendon, shoulder capsule, and interior of the glenohumeral joint. Following that pain had not diminished at all, so surgery two took place where inflammation and additional fraying of the rotator cuff and biceps tendon was discovered again, cleaned up and returned to rehab. Uniqueness Injuries in the shoulder on extensive overhead athletes is common however anterior tears of the labrum are not as common as posterior tears. Additionally, with multiple surgeries on various anatomical features of the shoulder and no diagnosis as to the cause of continuous pain and sensations experienced by the athlete. Conclusions With little knowledge of the source of pain and symptoms. The goal of treatment and rehabilitation would now be to help the athlete now attain quality of life pain free, and with full range of motion.



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