Background An eighteen-year-old female collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling athlete underwent a right Achilles Tendon repair surgery and one year and four months later suffered the same injury and underwent the same procedure on the opposite leg. Differential Diagnosis Medial Gastrocnemius Tear, Achilles Tendinopathy, Calcaneal Avulsion Fracture, Bursitis, Ankle Sprain, Posterior Tibialis Tendon Injury, Peroneal Tendon Injury Treatment The patient underwent minimally invasive channel-assisted Achilles Tendon repair surgery procedures for both injuries. The surgery involves making a one-inch transverse incision over the location of the tendon rupture and suturing the ends of the torn Achilles tendon together through the small opening. Uniqueness Achilles Tendon Rupture injuries typically occur in male patients over the age of thirty that participate in occasional recreational activities. The relevance of Achilles Tendon rupture injuries is that there is a lack of consensus on the acute management and assessment of the injury, as well as a gold-standard surgical procedure and rehabilitative protocols among medical professionals. Conclusion While there has been an increased incidence of Achilles Tendon Rupture injuries, there is still a great need for more comprehensive research to be able to develop a more widely accepted standard of care.



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