University of Houston - Health and Human Performance: Graduate Student Research Day


Location: Houston, Texas

Date: October 21st, 2009

Guest Editor-in-Chief: Brian K. McFarlin, PhD, University of Houston

Note: Complete Abstracts can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF link next to each title

HHP Graduate Student Research Symposium


The Relationship between Body Image and Physical Activity in African American Women
Scherezade K. Mama, Beth E. Quill MPH, Maria E. Fernandez-Esquer PhD, Jacqueline Y. Reese-Smith, Jorge A. Banda, and Rebecca E. Lee


Age-Related Differences in Monocyte Toll-Like Receptor 2/4 and CD54 Expression in Mice
Kelley Strohacker, Whitney L. Breslin, and Brian K. McFarlin


Regular physical activity is correlated with a reduced frequency of senescent T-lymphocytes in middle-aged men
Guillaume Spielmann, Brian K. McFarlin, Paula J.W. Smith, Keith Guy, and Richard J. Simpson


Voluntary Exercise Causes Greater Weight Loss in Obese Mice
Katie C. Carpenter, Kelley Strohacker, Whitney L. Breslin, Mark R. Morrison, Joseph Potucek, Nadia Agha, Richard J. Simpson PhD, Thomas W. Lowder PhD, and Brian K. McFarlin PhD


Physical Activity Resource Attributes and Obesity in Low-Income African Americans Living in Public Housing
Kristen M. McAlexander, Jorge A. Banda, Joshua W. McAlexander, and Rebecca E. Lee


Body composition assessment methods: A systematic review and recommendations
Ygnacio Lopez III, Scherezade Mama, Penny Wilson, and Rebecca E. Lee