Authors: Charles S. Layne, PhD1,2, Sabeen A. Ali,1, Maria I. Anez, 2, Daniel P. O’Connor, PhD1,2, Rebecca E. Lee, PhD1,2

Affiliations: 1Department of Health and Human Performance, University of Houston, 2Texas Obesity Research Center

Purpose: The lack of regular physical activity is a contributing factor in the world wide obesity epidemic. However, scientists are challenged to find methods by which to accurately assess physical activity performed by individuals who are either obese or at risk of becoming obese. The purpose of this effort is to provide a comprehensive review of the literature that involved the assessment of physical activity among Mexicans and Hispanic Americans. Method: English and Spanish language peer reviewed scientific article databases were searched to identify articles that included the terms ‘physical activity’ and ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Mexican’. The time period was limited to 2000 to the present. The original 1120 articles that were identified where triaged in to three categories: 1) Relevant, 2) Possibly Relevant and 3) Not Relevant. The review process consisted of identifying the characteristics of the sampled population, how physical activity was assessed, and whether the assessment of the physical activity was part of a survey project or accompanied a physical activity intervention program. This presentation presents the review of the ‘Relevant’ articles. Results: Currently, 113 articles have been reviewed of which eight were originally in Spanish prior to translation. Physical activity was assessed by a self-report survey in 81% of the articles. The survey’s ranged from validated surveys commonly accepted in the literature (ex. International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ), to open ended questions regarding the amount and type of physical activity the participants engaged in. In general, the surveys were either translated into Spanish or modified to ask more culturally relevant questions. Approximately 30% of the articles included a form of continuously monitored physical activity over a designated time period with the use of either an accelerometer or pedometer. Eighty three% of the articles included the assessment of physical activity as part of a survey project. Conclusions: Although there have been a number of studies that have assessed physical activity among Hispanics, the vast majority of these have used self-report surveys, many of which were not validated. Additionally, there remains a paucity of physical activity assessment projects completed within Mexico.

Keywords: physical activity, Hispanic, accelerometer, review, survey

Learning Objective 1: After reviewing the presentation, the learner will be able to identify how physical activity is assessed among Hispanics.

Learning Objective 2: After reviewing the presentation, the learner will be able to identify several commonly used surveys designed to assess physical activity.



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