Purpose: Programs to increase physical activity serve an important public health role, and can contribute to improved health status of the population. The goal of this study was to evaluate publically available programs to increase physical activity in Mexico using the RE-AIM framework. Method: Internet searches were conducted with the terms, “programas,” “actividad fisica,” “Mexico,” “Ciudad de Mexico,” “Distrito Federal,” “Jalisco,” and “Guadalajara.” Programs were coded on reach, efficacy, adoption, implementation and maintenance. Results: Thirteen programs were identified. Three were excluded as only offering online health tips. One was excluded as it described a survey of health habits among Mexicans, rather than a program, yielding a final sample of nine programs. Eight were national programs, and one was a single state program. All programs targeted physical activity, and one included targets for dietary habits, three for sleep, and one for reducing sedentary time. Two specifically focused on increasing fruit and vegetable intake, two for reducing sugar sweetened beverages and two for increasing water consumption. Two programs offered self-assessments of body composition, physical activity and other health risk behaviors. Seven programs specifically targeted children, four targeted teens, and two targeted seniors. Eight programs were sponsored in part or whole by government agencies; four programs were sponsored in part or whole by Coca Cola or PepsiCo. No programs described an evaluation plan or results from their efforts. Conclusions: Existing programs to promote physical activity in Mexico offer a limited range of strategies but capitalize on public and private partnerships, which may promote sustainability. Programs should include evaluation to determine their reach, efficacy adoption, and maintenance.



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