F. Policarpo, I. Majdalane, S. Luna Cruz, & P. Roquetti Fernandes

University Pedro de Valdívia, Chillan, Chile

The need to establish trusted parameters of physical fitness, being the exercise a physical activity or focused on high performance, and the reliability of the results found in physical test as well as the development of new methods, have been the focus of several areas of research. PURPOSE: The objective of this study is to validate the applicability of equations to estimate consumption VO2máx developed on a treadmill to estimate consumption VO2máx using a cycle ergometer. METHODS: The study had a sample of 19 volunteers, men, (22 ± 3,5 years old, 70,3 ± 5,8 Kg, 176 ± 6 cm, 10,4 ± 4,5% of Body Fat), physically active and healthy, who have done maximal incremental test on a treadmill (add the maximal value of VO2máx for the test on treadmill) and incremental test on a cycle ergometer a week later, to establish the VO2máx 53,30±5,68 ml.kg-1.min-1 for a load of 269,74±28,36W, increasing workload every 1 minute. In order to consider the results obtained during the validation of the equations reliable and trustworthy, the following statistical treatment where applied: Analysis of the normality curve using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test; comparison of means using paired t-test; analysis of Bland &Altman scores and standard error of estimate. RESULTS: When the compared mean values of VO2máx obtained during the test, there was a significant difference for the mean estimated by one of the 8 equations analyzed. For the other equations, it was founded that one tends to underestimate the VO2máx in 42%. The analysis of residual scores pointed out that the equation VO2máx = 30.14 + [3.17*(Tmplim)] + [7.74*(gender)] – [0.14*(FClim)] + [0.16*(VElim)] shows a better applicability for the estimation of VO2máx when using a cycle ergometer, showing a mean error of ≈5%, when applying the following predictor variables: time to ventilatory threshold, volume expiratory to ventilatory threshold, heart rate corresponding to ventilatory threshold and gender. CONCLUSIONS: The application of the model described to estimate VO2máx in individuals with the same characteristics of the sample used is recommended, as the results obtained during the process to validate mathematical models have showed significantly reliable for men that are physically active and healthy.

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