W. Ogle1,2, C. Copriviza1, L. Coppen1, G.J. Gold1,2

1Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA;2Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, Arcata, CA

Cannabis use has been gaining wider social acceptance, and with increased legalization cannabis users are talking more openly about how and why they consume cannabis. Moreover, professional and non-professional athletes are openly discussing their cannabis use before, during, and/or after training. There is a distinct lack of cannabis research in humans, particularly as it relates to physical activity. PURPOSE: To understand how and why people use cannabis with physical activity as well as categorizing the types of activities users engage in under the influence. METHODS: Subjects (n = 126; 63 male, 62 female, 1 non-binary; 18-55 years old) qualified to participate in an anonymous online survey if they reported both participation in regular physical activity and cannabis use. The survey consisted of five sections: demographics, general cannabis use, general physical activity habits, physical activity habits when under the influence of cannabis, and unanticipated experiences. RESULTS: Over 44% of participants reported that they use cannabis every or almost every time before they engage in physical activity. Fifty-three percent reported they smoke cannabis and 65% use Sativa-dominant strains before physical activity. The most common modes of physical activity while under the influence of cannabis were hiking (61%), yoga (58%), aerobic machines (50%), walking (43%), and weight lifting (43%). Fifty-six percent of respondents reported being at an advanced skill level in these activities. The primary reasons for using cannabis before physical activity included: helps me focus/concentrate (66%), helps me enjoy exercise (65%), enhances mind-body-spirit connection (64%), keeps me in the zone (61%), and enhances body awareness (52%). The majority (70%) of respondents reported feeling more satisfied with their workouts under the influence of cannabis compared to when they do not use cannabis prior to physical activity. Additionally, 61% have not suffered any unanticipated experiences when exercising under the influence of cannabis. CONCLUSION: This is the first study to investigate how and why people use cannabis with physical activity. This study provides a starting point for future studies investigating the impact that cannabis consumption has on physical activity participation and performance.

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