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KINECTing Generations to Physical Activity


Duszak, E., Sullivan, J., Orsega-Smith, E. University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Purpose: The purpose our project was to determine if older adults demonstrate increased balance, coordination and social opportunity after participating in an exercise program using the Xbox Kinect with their grandchildren. Methods: Participants consisted of 7 older adults (6 females and 1 male) and 7 kids (3 females and 4 males). Average age of the older adults was 72 (69 to 81 years) and the average age of the grandchildren was 13 (9-16 years). Pre and post test questionnaires for the older adults consisted of: Satisfaction with Life Scale, Godin Physical Activity Scale, Rating Activities of Daily Living, Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale, and Falls Self-Efficacy Scale. Functional tests (timed-up-and-go, chair stands and the Berg Balance Test) were conducted in order to track their progress throughout the program. All participants wore an accelerometer for a period of seven days to track their physical activity during and outside of the program. Results: There were significant improvements in Berg balance (t=3.02, pConclusion: The results of this study suggest that Xbox Kinect exercise programs in senior centers may increase daily caloric expenditure and balance in older adults and interaction with their grandchildren can enhance this experience.

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