Nannapaneni, N., Schmidt, G. (FACSM), Cox, M., Boutote, R., William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine whether the isokinetic dynamometer is capable of distinguishing muscle fiber characteristics between men and women. Methods: 14 participants (7 men and 7 women) of various fitness levels volunteered for this study. Isokinetic testing was conducted using the BIODEX System 3 dynamometer. Each participant was secured in the chair; seat height was adjusted; knee alignment was set at the lateral joint line adjacent to the dynamometer. Power Test: Participants performed 5 sets of 1 maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) repetition with a 30 sec rest period between sets at 60°/sec. Fatigue Test: Participants performed 1 set of 50 (MVC) repetitions at 180°/sec. Prior to this test there was a 2 minute rest period. Results: There were significant differences between men and women for Power and Peak Torque. When comparing the fatigue test results, men showed a greater decrease in peak torque and at a faster time to fatigue compared to women from their first 25 repetitions to their final 25 repetitions. Conclusions: The results of this study demonstrated that men fatigue faster and at an increased rate compared to women. The results of the tests were inconclusive in determining muscle fiber composition. This study did provide valuable data in regards to quadriceps muscle characteristic differences amongst. In the power test, the male subjects on average produced greater peak torque values in their quadriceps. The males produced peak torque values that were approximately 150% greater than those produced by their female counterparts. These differences can be attributed to the fact that males on average have greater muscle mass than females.



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