Sadler, M., Brown, M., Dugan, K., Litchauer, J., Port, K., Smith, K., Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA

Purpose: To examine the exercise behaviors, barriers and self-efficacy of British adults. Methods: A survey was constructed based upon previously validated questionnaires and was randomly administered to subjects in various British cities. Seventy nine subjects, with a mean age of 31.92+12.03 participated in this study. Results: Subjects reported engaging in vigorous physical activity 3.5+2.94 days/week. The table below illustrates the modes of exercise regularly performed by the subjects. Subjects could report participating in more than one mode of exercise. Table1. The Table 2 illustrates the most commonly reported exercise barriers in British adults. Lastly, subjects were asked to rate their confidence (self-efficacy) of exercising during various situations using a five point Likert scale (1=not confident; 5=extremely confident). Table 3 Illustrated the average ratings for each situation. Conclusion: While subjects reported moderate self-efficacy scores in each of the situations, lack of time and poor weather were reported as their greatest barriers. This information could be used to enhance future exercise programming for this population.



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