Santillo, N., Figueroa, M., Lasala, T., Manning, J., William Paterson University, Wayne NJ

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine if changes occurred in the ventilatory threshold (VT) upon manipulation of body weight (BW) when comparing 80% to 100% of BW in healthy college aged individuals on the Alter-G® anti-gravity treadmill. Methods: A modified Bruce Protocol was used to measure oxygen consumption (VO2peak) on 10 subjects (5 males, 5 females) at 100%, and 80% of BW. Testing protocols were randomized with two weeks in between each test. VT was determined by the software algorithm in the MedGraphics Ultima Series (St. Paul, MN) open exchange spirometer. Results: Gender did not significantly affect relative VO2peak or VT at either percentage of BW. No significant differences were found with regards to VO2peak (ml×kg-1×min-1) or VT at 100%BW & 80% BW. Conclusion: Upon the unweighting of a subject on the Alter-G® anti-gravity treadmill, individuals are able to train at similar intensities at 80% and 100% of BW. Since the unweighting produced similar metabolic responses, one could suggest that those with orthopedic limitations, who are not fully weight bearing, can maintain their cardiovascular conditioning. This type of training may also be advantageous for athletes who wish to reduce musculoskeletal strain within their training.



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