Snyder, T., Shaw, E., Mueller, A., Stoeckel, E., Strom, A., VanDerVeeken, T., Swensen, T., Exercise and Sport Sciences, Ithaca College, Ithaca NY

Purpose and Methods: Extending the work of Burgomaster and Gibala, we compared the effects of four weeks of plyometric and endurance training on various indices of aerobic and anaerobic performance in 29 active college age males and females (19.4 ± 1.8 years and 69.9 ± 13.8 kg), who were assigned to a plyometric (6 males and 9 females) or endurance training group (6 males and 8 females). Endurance training consisted of 30 min of cycling at a heart rate corresponding to 75% of VO2 max; plyometric training consisted of various jumps and lunges, yielding 120 foot to ground touches. Both groups trained 30 min.d-1, 3 d.wk-1 for four weeks; workouts were preceded and followed by a warm-up and cool down. Cycle VO2 max, 2-mile cycling time trial (TT) performance, and Wingate 30 s peak (PPO) and mean power output (MPO) were assessed before and after training. Data were compared with a repeated measures ANOVA. Results: Mean (SD) for dependent variables and % change are shown. * indicates significant changes across time. There were no differences between groups before and after training for any variable. Even though the magnitude of change for each variable was larger with cycle training, plyometric training did improve VO2 max by 7.1%, and PPO and MPO by 11 and 12%, respectively. Further, the 3.4% change in TT performance following plyometric training was nearly significant (p=0.063). Conclusion: Plyometric training is an effective means by which to enhance indices of aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

This project was funded by Ithaca College.



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