As a specialty practice, faith community nursing embodies knowledge that is unique to the practice and requires both generic and specialty training. Scarce research has been conducted on the effectiveness of basic faith community nurse curricula. As the landscape of education continues to be refined in the faith community nurse specialty practice, coupled with limited available research for the evaluation of effectiveness, a conceptual model for faith community nurse education is needed. Faith Community Nurse Education Conceptual Model incorporates both internal and external factors that impact the environment in which education occurs and acknowledges God as the author and finisher of our faith. Several theories intertwine to create the environment in which faith community nurse education occurs: (a) General Systems Theory, (b) Holistic Health Model, and (c) Humanistic Learning Theory. The central overarching theme of educational events should be holism and spirituality that inspire therapeutic interactions with others and is mediated by the omnipresent God. Participants should leave educational events empowered for exceptional practice.

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