Gender and the Role of Intuition in Staff Training and the Field among College Outdoor Program Professional Staff

Recognizing that intuition plays an important role in effective management and leadership, this study primarily examined gender differences among college and university outdoor program professional staff as it relates to their support for the use of intuition in staff training and the field. The electronic survey was administered and completed by 139 directors of outdoor programs in 2011/2012. Findings revealed that gender did not differentiate in terms of support for using intuition into training and field use although males and females agreed intuition should be used. Work related experiences and one’s tendency to use intuition in decision making had little effect on support as well. Recognizing that intuition can play a role in organizational decision making the information from this study should provide some “food for thought” for university and college outdoor programs interested in more closely examining how “gut instincts” play a role in staff training and field leadership.