A disconnect exists between pre-service teachers’ expectations concerning classroom management course content and the reality of teaching in an elementary school. The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceived needs of pre-service teachers in a classroom management course for elementary education majors at a Midwestern university.

Author Information

Nielsen Pereira is an Assistant Professor in the School of Teacher Education at Western Kentucky University where he teaches courses related to gifted education, multicultural education, and research methods. His research interests include underrepresented populations in gifted education, program evaluation, and university-based programming for gifted students.

Jillian Gates is a teacher of highly gifted students. She has taught elementary school and undergraduate and graduate courses in gifted education. She has a Ph.D. in Gifted and Talented Development with expertise in measurement and evaluation, STEM education, differentiation, and curriculum design. She also provides professional development to teachers on many different aspects of educating gifted students.