Kentucky Warbler

Landmark Report (Vol. 22, no. 3)

Kentucky Library Research Collections, Western Kentucky University

Volume enumeration varies and may not be sequential, topics in this issue include:

“We Shared In Its History: 1123 State Street” by Sue Lynn Stone

Architectural Details

“The President Speaks” by Eileen Starr

“Me and My Old House Schedule”

Tiny Item Has Interesting Past” Bowling Green Expansion Campaign by Jonathan Jeffrey

“Landmark to Publish Bicentennial Bits”

“Religious Fervor, Modecai Ham”

“Burgess Funeral Home: A Brief History”

“HPB Welcomes New Board Member”

“Monumental Workshop”


Newsletter published by the Landmark Association; this local group advocates the preservation, protection and maintenance of architectural, cultural and archaeological resources in Bowling Green and Warren County, Kentucky.