Landmark Report


Volume enumeration varies and may not be sequential, topics included in this issue

“Another Landmark Year” by Dr. Rick Voakes

“Landmark Gives New Awards”

“1996 Heritage Award” by Dr. Rick Voakes

“Special Thanks”

“Hugh Graham House” by Patricia H. Minter


Architectural Details

“Annual Meeting Souvenir

“Carson’s Steamboat Landing”

“Endowment Established to Honor Irene Moss Sumpter”


“BG Historic Preservation Board Update”

“Telecommunications Mural”

“Be an Advocate for the Historic Homeowner Tax Credit!!”


Newsletter published by the Landmark Association; this local group advocates the preservation, protection and maintenance of architectural, cultural and archaeological resources in Bowling Green and Warren County, Kentucky.


Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Public History