Landmark Report


Volume enumeration varies and may not be sequential, topics in this issue include:

“Church is Saved!” Kerr Memorial by Jonathan Jeffrey

“Sunday School Lesson at Kerr”

In Memorium – Sara Elizabeth Tyler and Ruth Hines Temple

“Color Me – History, House Painting!”

“Smart Growth Task Forces Completing Task”

“A Grave Topic”

“The House That ‘Aunt Jane’ Bought, Eliza Calvert Hall” 1353 Chestnut Street by Lynn E. Neidermeier

“Landmark Publishes History of Potter College”

Architectural Details

“Celebrate the Benefits of TEA”

“CPA Initiates Tax Credit Legislation”


Newsletter published by the Landmark Association; this local group advocates the preservation, protection and maintenance of architectural, cultural and archaeological resources in Bowling Green and Warren County, Kentucky.


Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Public History