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Flirting postcard for Leap Year 1908, with caption, ”Maidens are eagerly waiting / Their traps enticingly bating / For the year Nineteen naught eight / By the old laws of leap year / They can propose without fear / And pick their own choice for a mate -- IN 1908. Illustration of a group of women: one with periscope, one with photos, one baiting trap with money, one with gun, one in wedding dress and a Calendar with 1907 Dec 30 on the wall.. Written on the back are the words ”Leap Year series” Illustrated by E. Nash. Series has the yellow lemon showing a woman with a stick chasing a man whose hat is flying off with the word LEAP above them and the word YEAR. below them. An encircled H and the number 1068 are printed in the lower left corner of the card.


Leap year, courtship, bachelors, flirting, marriage proposals, marital choice, etiquette, lemon