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Flirting postcard for Leap Year 1908, entitled ”How to catch them -- in 1908.” Followed by the wording ”Build a large Mouse Trap. Disguise the front entrance as a palatial mansion: take an empty flour sack, fill with rubbish and print a dollar sign on it. Hang on for bait. Scatter a few loose coins about the entrance for effect and await results. On back is written ”Leap Year Series.” The card is numbered in the lower left corner 1065. Illustration of a tiny man taking the bait while a woman is picking from behind the curtain. Lower left corner has the number 1063. Illustrated by E. Nash. Series has the yellow lemon showing a woman with a stick chasing a man whose hat is flying off with the word LEAP above them and the word YEAR. below them.

Library copy sent to Miss J. Burkland of Jarlsberg, Pa. by her sibling. Message reads: ”Dear Sister: -- your card gave me a new hope & with hope comes energ[y] so I’ve got a new plan as you see on the other side. Will tell you the results afterward at present I’m waiting. Yours H.S.B.” Postmarked Toronto, Ont. Oct. 5, 1908.


Leap year, courtship, bachelors, flirting, marriage proposals, marital choice, etiquette, lemon


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