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Flirting postcard for Leap Year 1908, with caption, ”You’re not safe unless you have your (Marriage) license,” Leap Year Series printed on card’s back. Illustration of four men running while Ma is driving the Dog Wagon and Pa is riding on back while a woman in red dress with a net chases the men. Lower left corner has the number 1063. Illustrated by E. Nash. Has the yellow lemon showing a woman with a stick chasing a man whose hat is flying off with with the word LEAP above them and the word YEAR. below them.

Library copy sent to Miss Katie Oakes of Russellville, Kentucky. His message includes the wording ”Take some hints from the picture on this card, if you have not alread[y] done so,(?). The hunting season is not quite over for doves. Your friend, Herman W.


Leap year, courtship, bachelors, flirting, marriage licenses, marriage proposals, marital choice, etiquette, lemon


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