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Flirting postcard also titled The Piano Proposal or the Message of the Music. It reads ”Try This On Your Piano. It will catch him in 1908.” Illustration of a man at a piano with the following song titles visible ”Dreaming,” ”Way down in my heart I’ve got a feeling for you!,” ”I’m so lonesome,” Just cant make my eyes behave!,” ”I’m wearing my heart away for You!,” ”Don’t you think it’s time to marry?,” ”Everybody’s in Slumberland but You and I,” and ”Every little bit helps.” Man is saying ”Maybe it’s a coincidence; but it certainly looks suspicious!” ”Leap Year Series” on card’s back. In lower left corner is the number 1069. Illustrated by E. Nash. Card series has the yellow lemon showing a woman with a stick chasing a man whose hat is flying off with the word LEAP above them and the word YEAR. below them.


Leap year, courtship, bachelors, flirting, marriage proposals, marital choice, etiquette, lemon