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Flirting postcard with the words ”Leap Year” at the top and ”between the Devil and the deep sea” below the illustration of a man in water with six women on the shore. Postcard manufactured by Paul C. Koeber of New York, NY and Kirchheim, Germany (PCK). The company frequently printed on postcard backs its logo which was a drawing of a peacock with ”THE’ and ”PCK” imprinted into the tail feathers and the word ”SERIES” at the peacock’s feet. The company printed postcards from 1900 to 1923.

Library copy has D. A. Smalley written in ink on the man and initials "S," "V," "A," and "C" on four of the women. It is addressed to Alice Stewart of Milford, Ohio and postmarked Milford, Ohio, June 8, 1908.


Leap year, courtship, bachelors, flirting, marriage proposals, marital choice, etiquette


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