Modeling and Stabilizability of Voltage-Actuated Piezoelectric Beams with Magnetic Effects


Models for piezoelectric beams and structures with piezoelectric patches generally ignore magnetic effects. This is because the magnetic energy has a relatively small effect on the overall dynamics. Piezoelectric beam models are known to be exactly observable and can be exponentially stabilized in the energy space by using a mechanical feedback controller. In this paper, a variational approach is used to derive a model for a piezoelectric beam that includes magnetic effects. It is proved that the partial differential equation model is well-posed. Magnetic effects have a strong effect on the stabilizability of the control system. For almost all system parameters the piezoelectric beam can be strongly stabilized, but it is not exponentially stabilizable in the energy space. Strong stabilization is achieved using only electrical feedback. Furthermore, using the same electrical feedback, an exponentially stable closed-loop system can be obtained for a set of system parameters of zero Lebesgue measure. These results are compared to those of a beam without magnetic effects.


Engineering | Physical Sciences and Mathematics