Effectiveness of an Online Educational Module in Improving Evidence-Based Practice Skills of Practicing Registered Nurses



Implementation of evidence‐based practice (EBP) at the bedside has been difficult to achieve. Significant gaps between current research and actual practice have been identified and must be addressed in effort to increase utilization of EBP.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of an online EBP educational intervention and to examine the relationship between educational preparation and years of nursing experience on nurses’ practice, attitudes, and knowledge and skills of EBP.


An experimental pretest‐posttest design study with three randomized groups utilizing the EBPQ instrument was conducted.


No significant differences were noted in EBPQ subscale scores of practice, attitude, or knowledge and skills from pre‐ to posttest. In addition, no statistical difference in EBPQ subscale scores regarding educational preparation or years of experience were noted.

Linking Evidence to Practice

While nurses report positive attitudes toward EBP, their perceptions of practice and knowledge and skills score much lower. Educational interventions are needed for practicing nurses to overcome this knowledge deficit to successfully implement EBP. However, the use of online, independent, computer‐based learning modules, while cost‐efficient and offer several benefits when educating nurses, may not necessarily be the most effective method for teaching EBP knowledge and skills to practicing nurses.


Nursing | Online and Distance Education

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