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Letter from WKU Training School History Class students to Sue Borders:

Training School

History Class

March 9, 1938

Dear Sue,

We were so sorry to hear that you had to have an operation. We have missed you very much and hope you will recover quickly.

Our class was wondering whether you have advertised in the Want Ads for your appendix? You know someone might have found it.

Since you have been sick, nothing of importance has happened in our history class, but everybody is excited over College Hi[gh] playing in the Regional Tournament Friday afternoon in the Western Gym.

We wish you the best of luck.

Your history class,

Gwendolyn Billings "Winky"
Evelyn Dollar
Marion Raymond
Anne Cannon
Frances Hardwick
Elaine Hardcastle
Phyllis Harris
Virginia Jones
Ina Ashlock
Anna Jones
Bobby Hanks
Raymond Reeves
Robert Reeves
James McLellan
Daniel Rigsby
Bill Callas
Karlene McBride
Martha Cooksey
Herchel Taylor
Maurice Roundtree
Emily Richardson
Thelma Farley
Earl Gibbons
Dick Neff
Julius Marshall
Martha Manning


Western Kentucky University, Training School (WKU), Health & Physical Education Building (WKU), Margie Helm Library (WKU)


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