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Permit for Dr. W.O. Rash to own a still for medical purposes during prohibition.

Form 26 Treasury Department Bureau of Prohibition, Revised Oct., 1927

United States Prohibition Service

Registry of Stills

[To be returned in quadruplicate to the Prohibition Administrator by every person having in his possession or custody, or under his control, any still or distilling apparatus set up. Persons failing to register become liable to a penalty of five hundred dollars and a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, and imprisonment for not less than one month nor more than two years, in addition to forfeiture of the still and all personal property found in the building, etc., where the same shall be set up. (Revised Statutes, Section 3258.) A copy of each notice on this form is to be immediately forwarded to the Commissioner of Prohibition.]

Nov. 17t, 1934

List of Stills and Distilling Apparatus set up at No. 2100 Frederica Street, in the City of Owensboro, County of Daviess and State of Kentucky in the Administrative District, owned by Dr. O.W. Rash.

  • Names of Owners: O.W. rash
  • Residence: 2100 Frederica, Owensboro, Ky.
  • Registered Distillery or Plant Number: Banstead Type GD-O
  • Number of Each Still*: 13102
  • Kind of Stills: Gas, water
  • Cubic Contents in Gallons or Size: ½ gal ___
  • Whether or Not for Use: Yes
  • For What Purpose to be Used: Water for drinking

*Fruit distillers will give the number stamped on the still

(Signed) O.W. Rash, M.D.

Received for Registry this 19 day of Nov / 34, AD 19__

F.L. Boyd


Prohibition, Volstead Act


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